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Senior Restoration Ecologist


CJ joined Meryman Environmental, Inc. in 2006. CJ holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Florida. As a team leader, he supervises project teams and oversees business development, client relations and document preparation, as well as conducting jurisdictional Wetland Determinations, Environmental Construction Inspections, Environmental Impact and Ecological Assessments, Listed Animal and Plant Species Surveys and Wetland Monitoring.  His areas of expertise include Wetland Delineations, Hydro-period Establishment Wetland Monitoring and Maintenance, Environmental Site Assessments and Contamination Assessments. CJ is also a State Certified Stormwater Management Inspector (NPDES). He also holds an Aquatic Pesticide License, a Natural Areas License, is a Certified LEEDS® AP and recently qualified as a Certified Best Management Practices (BMP) professional.

C.J. Greene
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