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Site Assessments in Tampa, Florida

Site Assessments
  • Due Diligence

  • Phase I Environmental Audits

  • Phase II Contamination Sampling

  • Phase III Cleanups and Remedition

  • Transaction Screen Reports

Site Assessment

When purchasing a piece of property, ever stop to wonder what kind of history the property has?  Meryman Environmental offers a wide range of services that help clients determine the environmental liabilities of a piece of property prior to the client making the purchase.  Environmental Due Diligence services offer M.E.I. clients confidence and assurance when making a decision on whether or not to purchase a property.

Environmental Due Diligence

An Environmental Due Diligence service includes M.E.I. staff traveling to the project site and evaluating any potential problems or concerns that the client will have to address in the future. Environmental Due Diligence services help the client know what preliminary work needs to be taken care of prior to purchasing the property or prior to developing it.

Phase I

Phase I assessments are done in pursuit of identifying potential environmental liabilities.  Information is collected by using reviewing records, conducting site reconnaissance and interviews.  With this information, M.E.I. prepares a report for the client complete with opinions regarding the potential presence and impact of the identified environmental liabilities.

Phase II

Phase II is a more involved assessment of the client’s property.  It involves the evaluation, through sampling and analysis, of the contamination; the types, amount and extent the contamination has traveled are assessed in the Phase II process. M.E.I. can develop a plan of action in order to quickly and efficiently resolve contamination issues on the client’s property. Contact M.E.I. with any questions. 

Phase III

Phase III focuses on cleaning up identified environmental threats on the client’s property.  The overall goal is to get the property levels below state clean up requirements so the property can be properly used and to prevent third party liabilities. 

Phase IV

Phase IV is the monitoring and maintenance of the clean-up performed in Phase III.  The residual levels are constantly monitored to make sure they remain the same or are decreasing below the state cleanup target level requirements (residential or commercial).

Transaction Screen Reports

This process is basically a limited Phase I Assessment which serves to evaluate the environmental condition of real property by using a transaction screen questionnaire developed by ASTM.  If potential problems are encountered, Meryman Environmental, Inc. (M.E.I.) will assist in determining the potential magnitude and extent of contamination with the ultimate goal of evaluating the financial impact these problems may have on market or collateral value of the property.  A Phase I Report may be recommended depending upon the finding of the transaction screen report.

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