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Leaders in Environmental Services Serving Tampa Bay, Brooksville, the State of Florida and throughout the United States

The Meryman Environmental Advantage

Discover our full range of environmental services and how we can serve you.
Florida's Leader in Environmental Services

“We have had the pleasure of working with Meryman since the late eighties and on numerous projects.

We can attest to their expertise and the dedication to the environmental field.”

Leaders in Environmental Services in Florida
Leaders in Wildlife Management in Florida
Leaders in Environmental Wetland Services in Florida
Environmental Services
  • Agency Permit Preparations

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Environmental Laboratory Analysis

  • Mitigation and Restoration Plans

  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance

  • Site Selection Assessment

  • Wetland Delineation and Determinations

  • Wetland Mitigation Designs

  • UMAM/ERP Permitting

  • Surface and Subterranean Infrared LED Night Vision Animal Camera Systems

Wildlife Management
  • Species Habitat Restoration and Design

  • Wildlife Ecology Assessments

  • Pre and Post Development Wildlife and Habitat Management Plans

  • Endangered Species Permits, Relocation, Management and Monitoring

  • Wetland and Upland Designs Created to Meet Permit Requirements

  • Wildlife Populations Censuses

  • Threatened and Endangered Plant and Animal Censuses Surveys

Wetland Services
  • Wetland Delineation

  • Wetland Determination

  • Wetland Mitigation

  • Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Restoration and Design

  • Upland Buffer Restoration

  • Wetland Planting

  • Define Boundaries

  • Misc Activities in Wetlands Permits (HCEPC)
Leaders in Lake & Pond Management in Florida
Lakes & Ponds
Leaders in Environmental Site Assessments in Florida
Site Assessments
Water Testing and Lab Services in Florida
Lake & Pond Management
  • Aquatic Weed Management

  • Biological Sampling

  • Plant Taxonomy Classification

  • Water Quality Assessment

  • Wetland Plant Restoration

  • Exotic Vegetation Analysis and Removal

  • Algea and Nuisance Vegetation Management

Site Assessments
  • Due Diligence

  • Phase I Environmental Audits

  • Phase II Contamination Sampling

  • Phase III Cleanups and Remedition

  • Transaction Screen Reports

Lab Services
  • Chemical and Bacteriological Lab

  • County Health Dept Water Analysis

  • ​Drinking Water Test

  • NPDES Stormwater Permit Monitoring

  • Soil and Water Sample Collection

  • Sludge and Sediment Analysis

  • Surface and Ground Water Analysis

We Believe In "Development in Harmony with Nature."

Meryman Environmental Incorporated (M.E.I.), an environmental consulting firm and minority business enterprise (MBE) with locations in Tampa and Brooksville, FL, was founded in 1974 to provide professional and personalized environmental consulting services.


M.E.I. offers a full-range of environmental consulting services throughout the United States. We are a small, locally-owned and locally-based group of environmental professionals with reputations for meticulous application of quality assurance protocols to all project tasks.


M.E.I.’s staff includes environmental toxicologists, geologists, urban foresters, archeologists, scientists, wildlife biologists, chemists, and technical support staff with extensive practical experience, advanced university degrees, active professional licensing and registrations in Florida and throughout the United States. We maintain close professional contact with Florida’s legal, regulatory and academic communities. Ask us about our international presence.

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