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Environmental Engineering and Consultation in Tampa, Florida

Environmental Services
  • Agency Permit Preparations

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Environmental Laboratory Analysis

  • Mitigation and Restoration Plans

  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance

  • Site Selection Assessment

  • Wetland Delineation and Determinations

  • Wetland Mitigation Designs

  • UMAM/ERP Permitting

  • Surface and Subterranean Infrared LED Night Vision Animal Camera Systems

Environmental Consulting

By offering a wide range of services, Meryman Environmental is a one-stop environmental shop for clients.  M.E.I. is a powerhouse in the environmental field with forty years of experience to assure clients that they will get the highest quality of services.  If you need an environmental service that is not listed, give M.E.I. a call at 813-626-9551 for further details.

NPDES Permitting and Monitoring for EPA  

NPDES permitting and monitoring services by M.E.I. provide the client with consistent stormwater inspections complete with photographical documentation.  It is imperative to maintain and monitor stormwater drains that are in close proximity to pristine wetlands to prevent discharge of groundwater and solids getting into the wetlands during construction.  M.E.I.’s on-site laboratory service will help prevent violation of federal laws.

Compatibility Plan, Design and Preparation

This three-tiered service is necessary for any development that will be adjacent to a Preserve Area.  This report specifically touches on invasive species, ranging pets and restrictive covenants.

Clearing, Grubbing and Chipping of Exotic Vegetation

This permitting service that M.E.I. offers for clearing, grubbing and chipping of exotic vegetation assures that exotic plant waste is disposed of properly as required by law.

Pre-Contamination Assessment Report  

This service is an informational review and gathering of data to compose a Contamination Assessment Report for agency review.  The type, concentration and locations are all factors in contamination and delineations.  The DEP requires this report for development.

Remedial Action Plan (FDEP and EPA)

Based off prior Contamination Assessment Reports, a plan is formed to reach target clean up levels for a specific site.

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