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Our Passion & Purpose
High Standards. Personalized Service.

Meryman Environmental is a debt free, 40 year old company with two offices in the state of Florida; we are DBE, MBE and SBE certified.


Meryman operates competitively and maintains high technical standards by using the latest computer and telecommunications technology. Our network of virtual offices promotes close and easy communications for our associates. Our staff benefits from greater personal control and flexibility to implement projects. Our clients benefit from personalized service and lower project costs.

Meryman's Values.
ADAPTABILITY: We embrace challenges and will take informed risks to provide solutions for difficult sites.


COMMUNICATIONS: We value open and honest project discussions with our clients.


DIVERSITY: Our strength is our staff diversity: their knowledge and the skills they bring to tasks.


ENTHUSIASM: We love what we do and enjoy the regulatory challenges. Aggressive client representation is the key to your project's success.


FOCUS: Our prime mission is your profitable project completed in a timely manner and on budget.


INTEGRITY: We conduct our services within a conservative interpretation of the agency's rules and regulations. We always challenge inconsistencies.


TEAMWORK: We are committed to the success of our client's project, as individuals and as a team.


YOU: Service to our client is the reason we are here. Value-added engineering is a natural byproduct we always offer.


M.E.I. carries comprehensive insurance including $2,000,000 coverage each for general and professional liability. Insurance documentation can be provided upon request.

Senior Staff

Chief Executive Officer

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Senior Account Executive

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Senior Restoration Ecologist

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Staff Ecologist

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Laura McKenzie

Administrative Assistant

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